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Consults & Inspections

Consulting With Management. Inspecting Workplaces. Inspiring Success.


Like you, Worker Safety Net knows how important it is to have the right information before making decisions, especially for safety compliance. Our occupational health and safety consultant is available to assist you in your efforts to reduce costs by identifying, controlling and eliminating hazards.

On-Site Safety Consultation

An on-site consultation is not an in-depth safety inspection but a chance for our occupational health and safety consultant to visit your operation and discuss safety issues that are important to you. Consultations can be used as initial visits to help determine your “big picture” needs, discuss your concerns about particular topics or provide insight into your overall safety challenges and programs.

Workplace Inspections & Reports

Routine safety inspections are key tools in preventing accidents, injuries and regulatory violations. Whether you have a safety staff or not, an outside inspection can discover hazardous or non-compliant conditions at your workplace you may not be aware of or have become accustomed to. Worker Safety Net's Workplace Safety Inspection and Report can identify hazards and recommend safety solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

A Worker Safety Net safety inspection addresses all safety issues in your work site, especially those of your primary concern. The accompanying report will advise on standards that apply to the issues and recommend workable solutions.

Our experienced occupational health and safety consultant will consider your company mission, what your processes are and your staffing and financial requirements. We recognize you have a job to do. Working with you we will arrive at a customized set of solutions to enhance your company’s safety program.

 Please call 727.222.3668 or e-mail support@workersafety.net
for more information regarding our safety consultations and inspections.
An additional onsite fee will apply to all consultations and inspections.